Level 1, First Bounce (Ages 4-8) Red Ball 
For our youngest players, we focus on hand-eye coordination skills and stroke introduction.  This class is fun for kids as they learn the basics to prepare for competitive play.

Level 2, Tweeners (ages 7-10) Orange Ball 
For the young player that is ready to develop techniques, but not yet ready for match play.  This class will continue developing stroke skills while introducing serving and beginner match play.  Players are challenged to maintain a rally with each other.

Level 3, Future Stars (Ages 9-12) Green Dot Ball
This level focuses on developing strokes, simulated match play, scoring, rules, and tennis etiquette.  Full court tennis is introduced and utilized at this level of play.

Level 4, Challengers (Ages 10-13) Yellow Ball
This level is designed for the intermediate teen looking to develop their skills on the court as a competitive player. Stroke development and match play situations will be the focus.

Level 5, Varsity/Future Varsity (Ages 14-18)
This level is geared to the teen that is playing at a high school Varsity/JV level and looking to improve their skills to play at a higher Varsity level.  Developing strategy, technique and footwork will be the focus.
Where space is available, drop in classes are for junior programs running from September - June. Prepaid session rates are available at a discounted rate. Sibling discounts include the second child at 25% off, and the third child at 50% off of prepaid sessions. Membership is required for juniors in order to prepay for sessions, use the sibling discount, participate in leagues, use the ball machine or get reduced junior court time rates. Junior memberships are $50 for the year. We do pro-rate the number of weeks in a session if you join mid-session. You may drop in for a class without a junior membership. If you have any questions about what age or ability level is best for your child, please call 586-469-7000.